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Michael Fraser investigates Domino's Pizza Enterprises

284 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2017 12:00 AM | Domino's Pizza Enterprises | Views(1295)

When my investigation into mass wage fraud at 7-Eleven made national headlines in August 2015, I started receiving complaints about Domino’s from emp...

Go Via toll fee relief, or Transurban PR stunt?

497 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 12 JULY 2016 11:30 PM | Toll Fees | Views(2885)

Transurban, who operate 6 toll roads in QLD under the name Go Via, have just made a Machiavellian attempt to convince the media and motorists that th...

Help us shake up the tolling system in Brisbane.

499 DAYS AGO | SUNDAY, 10 JULY 2016 8:42 PM | Toll Event | Views(2478)
Toll Fees - A Chance to Change Things - Michael Fraser The Arbitrator

Over the past year and a half, we have been assisting and advocating for disaffected toll road motorists. Receiving hundreds of phone calls and email...

Transurban whistleblowers assist The Arbitrator

500 DAYS AGO | SATURDAY, 9 JULY 2016 5:31 PM | Transurban Whistleblowers | Views(2235)

We would like to thank the whistleblowers who have come forward with information regarding Queensland’s tolling system. The information supplied has ...

7-Eleven wage scandal update: Head office, franchisees, backpay claims etc.

642 DAYS AGO | FRIDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2016 2:49 AM | 7-Eleven | Views(7723)
Russell Withers - Owner of 7-Eleven in Senate

It’s time for an update on 7-Eleven, which has been a long time coming. I have been swamped with enquiries ever since my 4 Corners ran on 31 August...

Michael Fraser - The Arbitrator thanks you for your support.

702 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 21 DECEMBER 2015 3:25 AM | Advocate Update | Views(3092)
Michael Fraser The Arbitrator says thank you.

Today, I just wanted to post a video to thank all of my friends, colleagues, followers and supporters for their unending support. Especially in ...

Calling on CommInsure & CBA Customer Relations ex employees!

726 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 26 NOVEMBER 2015 3:07 PM | CommInsure | Views(3611)

If you have worked at CommInsure, and/or in CBA's Group Customer Relations on insurance cases, I am interested in speaking with you. On a regular ...

Wanted: Evidence of unethical or illegal activity at 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd

866 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 9 JULY 2015 8:54 PM | 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd - Head Office Australia | Views(3386)

Do you have evidence of any illegal or unethical behaviour at 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd Australia? If you have any documents, agreements, emails, SM...

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