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Need help making a CommInsure claim?

907 DAYS AGO | TUESDAY, 28 APRIL 2015 1:06 AM | Communication Tips | Views(3922)

Do you need to make a claim on your insurance policy with CommInsure? If so, here are some simple tips that should make things easier for you.

Get everything in writing

CommInsure & Group Customer Relations staff will often call to discuss customer claims or complaints and offer various assurances over the phone. Later when customers try to take advantage of the assurances CBA made, they are known to deny ever making such assurances.

As a claim progresses there will have been many phone calls, emails and mailed letters that all make up the entire communication thread. It does not take long before this becomes confusing for the customer and for CBA.

We have found the simplest way to manage a claim is to request that all communication be directed to your designated email address as soon as you make the claim.

If CBA call - and they will - kindly ask them to respect your wishes and direct all communication to your previously designated email address. Do not let them bait you into a conversation on the phone. After you politely end the phone conversation, be sure to write an email to them reiterating what just happened. 

E.g. "Dear CBA worker,
Thank you for your call at 4:53pm - 20 April 2015.
As I have previously stated to CBA, and again to you on the phone today, please direct all communication to me in writing via my designated email address."

If CBA send you a letter in the mail, be sure to send them an email informing them that you have received the letter, and detail exactly what documents you received.

Ensuring everything is in writing and all activity is logged via your designated email address will go a long way to both parties having accurate records of what has transpired and it should eliminate the he-said, she-said element.

If you would like some help with your claim, or if you would like to blow the whistle on CommInsure, you can contact me confidentially 24/7 on 0458 369 975, or you can email me at

by Michael Fraser from QLD, 4216


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