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Commonwealth Bank's (CBA) Ian Narev driving bad bank culture?

949 DAYS AGO | MONDAY, 16 MARCH 2015 12:07 PM | Consumer Advocate Rejected | Views(2037)

My team and I have been involved in quite a number of CBA Group cases over the last two and a half years, where customers have been genuinely disaffected by CommBank's actions, or lack of actions.

There is more to say, but I did promise my lawyer that I won't discuss a matter pertaining to a specific executive, as it is now before the courts.

CBA CEO, Ian Narev has said many times since the Financial Planning Scandal that they have changed the culture at the bank. Narev also said "This transformation shows our commitment to ensuring that the best interests of our customers are always our first and foremost consideration".

What Mr Narev said, is certainly very different to the daily observations my team and I make.

We have a family that lost everything in a fire, who we are trying to help. Mr Narev has ignored my polite and professional emails completely. When the customer asked why the bank had not responded to my emails, they had this to say to the customer.

"Correspondence received by the CEO"

"As you know, Michael Fraser sent an email to the CEO of CBA on 4 February 2015 making a number of allegations against CommInsure/CBA regarding the denial of your claim."

"CBA and CommInsure are not prepared to deal with Mr Fraser. We will continue to communicate with you directly in relation to your claim. If you would prefer to communicate with CBA through a representative, you are welcome to engage the services of someone other than Mr Fraser."

Is this a Customer First Culture Mr Narev? Not sure what I did to be despised so much by you and your team - apart from trying to raise genuine customer issues - but didn't CBA, under your watch, win the Choice Shonky Award?

by Michael Fraser from QLD, 4216


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