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Geoff Shannon & Unhappy Banking's untrue claims

932 DAYS AGO | THURSDAY, 2 APRIL 2015 1:08 PM | Unhappy Banking | Views(5385)
Geoff Shannon & Unhappy Banking - Untrue claims

For those of you that have contacted me thinking I am associated with Geoff Shannon and Unhappy Banking, here are the facts.

I have never been in any partnership with Geoff Shannon or Unhappy Banking. Geoff Shannon approached me when he heard - through someone we both know - that I had evidence CBA were spying on me.

Geoff insisted on picking me up and taking me to lunch at a small bar on the water that he claimed to own not far from where I live in Runaway Bay. He was extremely generous and cooked me a wonderful lunch and served me a few beers.

A Senator then called me asking for a copy of the CBA spy evidence via email. Geoff instantly insisted that I send him the document and he would send it to the Senator, as he already had his email on his tablet. I agreed on the basis that it be shared with noone. Geoff agreed. Within moments he broke that trust and shared it with others, which he first denied and then later admitted he did it "for the greater good".

Over the next 24 - 48 hours Geoff had published an article titled "The Arbitrator joins forces with Unhappy Banking" and sent out an email to around 800 people that claimed he had uncovered the spy scandal.

Extract from Geoff's email:

"Hi All,
Please buy tomorrows Sydney Morning Herald or the AGE if not go online, this ground breaking story will be front page. because we uncovered that the CBA spied on the National Party Fundraiser on 28 August 2013."

"Gaden's replied on behalf of the CBA and completely denied it happened.
So then i supplied the evidence to Senator Williams who then took it straight up to the CBA. The CBA then conceded and Senator Williams supplied me with al the correspondence."

For some time I have just ignored the fact that he published things that were untrue and that he claimed involvement where he had none, but due to people constantly thinking we are in business together, I have decided to set the record straight.

I asked Business and Personal Solutions Pty Ltd trading as Unhappy Banking to remove the posts that were untrue, and Tasha Keys who may be a director was most helpful and removed the links.

I really don't care who gets the glory when things are achieved, but I don't agree with people that had nothing to do with it, claiming it as their achievement.


by Michael Fraser from QLD, 4216


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